David Wills
Pulaski, Tennessee
September 2, 2022.

This is the first David Wills CD produced in many years. This singer's golden pen has made a significant impact on the sound of Nashville songwriting and this project will be a true testament to his contribution to country music and a accurate display of his talented gift for songwriting.

One of Nashville's most treasured vocalist and his baritone sound lends strength and charisma to the mainstream tracks that anyone with in an ears shot of will find transforming and pleasing to the heart.

1, There's A Song On The Jukebox.
2. From Barrooms To Bedrooms.
3. Paper Thin Walls.
4. If You Thinking You Want A Stranger (There's One Coming Home).
5. You're The Last Thing I Needed Tonight.
6. Leona.
7. Wild Horses.
8. Charlotte's In North Carolina.
9. Line On Love.
10. Before You're Through Hurting Me.
11. Poor Boys  ***Bonus Track*** 


David Wills Gallery                                       

The latest photos of David Wills and his fans.

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David Wills Performs On Porter Wagner Show.

David Wills performs "She's Hanging In There" on the Porter Wagner Show in 1980.



Here you can enjoy newspaper stories of David Wills' history as a singer and songwriter as he embarked on a successful singer while breaking into the music business under the leadership of Charlie Rich and making a name for himself as a talented songwriter. 

April 26, 1975

David Wills performs with Charlie Rich at the Rose Stadium in Tyler, Texas.

June 8, 1975

David Wills Career Soaring Writes The Fort Worth Star Telegram.

March 4, 1976

Memphian Picks A Country Road To Stardom.

March 9, 1979

David Wills Works Hard At Being Successful.

July 11, 1981

David Wills Entertainment Highlights from a show in Decatur, Illinois.

March 18, 1984

David Wills Album Good Showcase.

July 17, 1984

David Wills To Perform At Festival.

November 6, 1984

Ten Years Later, David Wills More Determined Than Ever.

March 10, 1985

Talents Assure End Of Singer's Obscure Image.

February 25, 2001

Wills Song "Wild Horses" Pushes Garth Brooks Over 100 Million.